If you do not know that what you are doing is wrong in lubrication, you may be doing more harm than good. Lubrication must be done right by choosing the right lubricant applied at the right time, right place, and right quantity. Learn the very best practices for applying, managing, and implementing lubrication in your facility from Noria's resource speaker in the Philippines!

Who Should Attend:

All Maintenance Professionals

Lubrication Technicians

Craftsmen or Millwright

Equipment Operators

Laboratory Analysts

Lubrication Engineers

Maintenance Managers

Maintenance Supervisors

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers

Operations Managers



Training Inclusion

Training Manual of the course presentation

Pre-assessment (knowledge - based quiz)

Course agenda

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Course Outline:

How Lubrication Affects Machine Reliability

Additives, Base Oils and Grease Thickeners

Lubricant Performance Properties

Grease Application Methods

Oil Application Methods

Journal Bearing Lubricants

Rolling-element Bearing Lubricants

Gear Lubricants

Automotive and Mobile Equipment Drive-line Lubricants

Compressor Lubricants

Steam and Gas Turbine Lubricants

Hydraulic Fluids

Contamination Control

Oil Drains, Flushing and Reservoir Management

Storing, Handling, and Managing Lubricants

Design and Inspect for Lube Excellence

Lubricant Failure

Used Oil Sampling and Analysis Fundamentals

Essential Field Inspections