Often than not, oil analysis is used to justify oil change but oil change cannot be used as a “one – size – fits – all” solution to all your equipment problems. To lengthen the life of your equipment, the root cause of any underlying issue must be understood and addressed which can be achieved with having in – depth knowledge in Oil Analysis paired with a great Oil Analysis Program. Learn how to leverage your Oil Analysis Program to achieve high uptime, zero surprised breakdown, and higher returns from Noria's resource speaker in the Philippines!

Who Should Attend:

All Maintenance Professionals

Laboratory Analyst

Vibration Instrument Specialist

Lubrication Technician or Engineers

Craftsmen or Millwrights

Equipment Operators

Laboratory Analysts

Maintenance Managers

Operation Managers

Maintenance Supervisors

Reliability Engineers

Predictive Maintenance Technicians

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers


Training Inclusion

Training Manual of the course presentation

Pre-assessment (knowledge - based quiz)

Course agenda

Free subscription to Machinery Lubrication magazine

Course Outline:

World-class Maintenance Philosophies

Introduction to Machinery Lubrication

Oil Analysis Fundamentals

Oil Sampling Best Practices

Fluid Properties Analyses

Causes of Oil Degradation

Recognizing Oil Degradation and Additive Depletion

Detection of Addition of Wrong Oil 

Contamination Control

ISO Solid Contamination Code

Proactive Maintenance

Fault Detection & Wear Particle Analyses