Reliability Consulting Services

If your organization does not have sufficient time, expertise or objectivity in-house to accomplish specific reliability goals, turning to CRE expert reliability consultants can prove to be the most effective and economical solution. Whether you need a quick statistical analysis, a complete assessment of your reliability program plan or something in between, CRE Consulting Services is ready to help.


CRE Philippines has been providing high quality specialist advice and consulting for more than ten years to organizations. The technological world today presents tremendous challenges to engineers and technicians in keeping up to date and taking advantage of the latets developments in the key technology areas. We pride ourselves in being the premier provider of pratical and cost-effective engineering solutions.


CRE Phils consists of an enthusiastic and experienced team that is committed to providing the highest quality in consulting services. The company has a pool of consulting engineers; quality focused support staffed, as well as vast resource base of specialists in their relevant fields.


CRE PHils independece and impartiality guarantee that clients receive unbiased advice and recommendations, focused ib providing the best technical and ecnomical solutions to the client's specific and individual requirements.


Most managers and engineers agree that lubrication is a cornerstone of mechanical reliability. Yet most plants lack a game plan for effective lubrication. Let CRE-Noria establish a solid foundation for you by designing your entire lubrication program - form A to Z. Unlike many consulting services that provide general advice, CRE-Noria LPD program provides you with a detailed plan - all the way down to the required re-grease volume for every bearing in the plant! Our experienced and focused team of lubrication engineering professional leverage CRE-Noria proprietary consulting support software to complete in man weeks or months what would take you man years or decades to finish. We do the legwork and the headwork to deliver to you detailed work plans (for training) and summary abridged work plans (for daily work execution) in the following areas:

The objective of trainig today is to gain knowledge and experience in the latest developments in technology through cost effective methods. THe investment in training by companies and individuals is growing each year as the need is recognized to keep tipical and up to date in the industry in which they are operating. In addition to qualirt wekshops, which CRE Phils present on a world-wide basis, all CRE Phils courses are also available for on-site (in-house) presentation at our client's premises.

Detailed plans for completing required minor equipment modifications to enable lubrication maintainability.

If your organization or division has multiple plant locations, let us help you standardize practice, the proliferation of best practice and the management of change by designing an enterprise wide lubrication program!

Ask us how LPD can be used to implement one single vision for lubrication excellence across any number of plants inthe US or around the world.

At CRE-Noria, we firmly believe that any decision to implement a new lubrication program muust yield an acceptable ROI. Before you spend any money on lubrication training or consulting , contact us to help you determine what poor lubrication practices are costing your plant each year.

Phase 1 - 3 day Planning & Scoping

  • Travel cost to plant site and back
  • Benchmark Survey and walk thru audit; scorecard results shown in spider diagram format.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis with detailed 30-page recommendations dotted with pictures and illustrations.
  • Recommended lubricant storage and handling improvements
    Lubrication "bad actor" recommendation
  • Conduct basic plant awareness training with specific points based on findings in the plant
  • Case Studies as uncovered with cost impact to the organization
  • Cost Benefit Analysis on the recommendations moving forward

Phase 2 - Detailed Design

  • Development of lubrication procedures factoring in decisions on each lube point
  • Compilation of all relevant equipment data on the plant equipment list
  • Designing and engineeringmodifications for maintainability and reliability
  • Deployment options for engineered program
  • Complete database in excel
  • Utilizing Machine IQ software via per seat license fees
  • Integrating Machine IQ with current ERP

Phase 3 - Implementation

  • Execution of procedures deployment
  • Carry-out equipment modifications as per detailed design

Phase 4 - Continuous Improvement

  • Tasked based training and on-the-job coaching
  • Monitoring program success with key metrics

In the event of the project, the requesting party will provide the following:

  1. Food, board and lodging at the plant site.
  2. Training room projector to be used for awareness and presentation of results on the 3rd day

It is time to walk the talk, it is time to apply all the learning and put them into sustainable action everyday and start cutting the losses.