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Delivers solutions which assists companies in staying competitive in today’s global market. We provide robust IT solutions to our clients at realistic prices in order to properly leverage up-to-date technology. Globally recognized for optimizing reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and risk industries such as mining, oil and gas, utilities, power generation, manufacturing, automotive, etc.

Investigation Optimizer

Investigation Management Solution

Investigation Optimizer, powered by Nexus Global, is an incident management tool which allows organizations to investigate and develop corrective actions with immediate notifications to the action party. Unlike any other tool, Investigation Optimizer has the capability to directly relate the incident to an asset and quickly review any mitigations in place against its failure mode or lack thereof.

A comprehensive solution within the APM Optimizer Suite, Investigation Optimizer will quickly put you in control of your asset’s reliability and break the cycle of repeated incidents. You will quickly regain production loss from those nagging stoppages, sporadic, random, or catastrophic failures and see your OEE/Reliability results improve.

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Planning Optimizer

Work Management Solution

Planning OptimizerTM, powered by Nexus Global, is a full function detailed job planning solution which can stand alone in small organizations or scale up to multi-site enterprise companies. A crucial part of the APM Optimizer Suite, this feature rich solution makes it unlike any other software on the market for building up reusable job plan libraries of any type. It's intuitive and feature enhanced capability allows for any planning organization to get started in minutes.

Not only can you track progress of prepared work, you can also follow the work through a process flow function for a quick reference to any bottlenecks or progress. There are no more secrets in how much planned and unplanned work is in your backlog, it's all transparent in Planning OptimizerTM.

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Strategy Optimizer

Strategy Management Solution

Strategy Optimizer, powered by Nexus Global, is the cornerstone in a corporate or site-specific living reliability program. Within the program, Strategy Optimizer serves as the master knowledge management and rapid deployment system for all activities performed against every physical asset within the asset hierarchy. Optimization is always the result of applying a methodology which delivers the best strategy for mitigating unwanted performance and eliminating non- value added activity.

Effective Strategy Management and use of Strategy Optimizer accelerates your value delivery engine by implementing a sustainable risk-adjusted approach that results in the most cost-effective operation. Implementations typically result in a 15-40% reduction in operational costs with a 5-10% increase in capacity utilization.

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Data Optimizer

What is Data Optimizer?

Data Optimizer is an asset data verification, creation, and cleansing solution designed to give asset-intensive companies the mobility, accuracy, and control they need to properly develop, analyze, and structure the critical information supporting their maintenance, reliability, and production strategies.

The sustainability of any system, process, or program depends on the integrity of the data supporting it. Data Optimizer provides the visibility and speed needed to quickly analyze taxonomy, nomenclature, conventions, hierarchies, systems, conditions, completeness, relationships, and other vital components of your asset performance management data.

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