Work Management Solution

Planning OptimizerTM, powered by Nexus Global, is a full function detailed job planning solution which can stand alone in small organizations or scale up to multi-site enterprise companies. A crucial part of the APM Optimizer Suite, this feature rich solution makes it unlike any other software on the market for building up reusable job plan libraries of any type. It's intuitive and feature enhanced capability allows for any planning organization to get started in minutes.

Not only can you track progress of prepared work, you can also follow the work through a process flow function for a quick reference to any bottlenecks or progress. There are no more secrets in how much planned and unplanned work is in your backlog, it's all transparent in Planning OptimizerTM.


  • Allows transparency of process bottleneck and workload/backlog
  • Creates standardized workflow for job planning
  • Provides real-time work execution feedback and notifications
  • Builds reusable corrective maintenance libraries into one central database
  • Ensures accurate resource planning and equipment availability through rough-cut scheduling
  • Serves as your corporate single source maintenance & shutdown preparation and execution tool


  • Quick reference management dashboard
  • Simple view of rough-cut scheduled work by day / week / month up to 90 days into the future
  • Basic scheduling and resource allocation
  • Progress of prepared work for the next 90 days to allow for tracking prepared and unprepared workload
  • Generate PDFs of the job pack that include materials pick-list, attachments, and feedback form / QR link
  • Transparent note keeping against planned activities where planners/work preparers rotate shift patterns or move between locations
  • Action triggers against task execution to eliminate delays
  • Customizable alerts such as: critical work, bad actor reporting to Investigation Optimizer, and regulatory compliance
  • Integrates with APM Optimizer Suite powered by Nexus Global

Key Features

Management Dashboard

The customizable and interactive management dashboard serves as your personalized reporting and navigation tool.

The dashboard can be configured to show alerts, new work to be prepared, progress of prepared activity, and more.

Basic Scheduling and Resource Viewing

Planning OptimizerTM provides for basic scheduling and rough-cut capacity planning. As work packages are developed, resource allocation is mapped against overall gross capacity that does not consider schedule receipts.

The basic scheduling tool encompasses the functions of logic, constraints, and duration for the activities and resources identified in the work package.


Whether it's the shop floor or the field technicians, Planning OptimizerTM provides mobile access to work being performed.

Additionally, direct feedback and communication to the planning department is no longer a missing link.