Strategy Management Solution

Strategy Optimizer, powered by Nexus Global, is the cornerstone in a corporate or site-specific living reliability program. Within the program, Strategy Optimizer serves as the master knowledge management and rapid deployment system for all activities performed against every physical asset within the asset hierarchy. Optimization is always the result of applying a methodology which delivers the best strategy for mitigating unwanted performance and eliminating non- value added activity.

Effective Strategy Management and use of Strategy Optimizer accelerates your value delivery engine by implementing a sustainable risk-adjusted approach that results in the most cost-effective operation. Implementations typically result in a 15-40% reduction in operational costs with a 5-10% increase in capacity utilization.


  • Increased asset reliability and performance
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance expenditure
  • Ensured value added maintenance
  • Improved culture and compliance
  • Standardized corporate library
  • Developed for both Greenfield and Brownfield approaches; scalable to any size organization


  • Rapid process for PM Optimization
  • EAM/CMMS data exchange
  • Multi-user access and permissions
  • Built-in library and sharing technology
  • Management of Change approval process
  • Custom label reporting and user group permissions
  • Fully archived historical records with change log
  • Optimization functionality while maintaining RCM SAE JA1011 Standards
  • Multiple options for grouping and optimizing strategies
  • Visibility of system/sub-system asset incident report and progress
  • Criticality analysis of systems / sub-systems and assets
  • One-to-many links of strategies to equipment
  • Correlate downtime to equipment
  • Define asset health parameters and groups for equipment
  • Integrates with APM Optimizer Suite powered by Nexus Global

Key Features

Management of Change

Strategy Optimizer has built-in color configurations to indicate task status and management of change functionality. Anywhere the task is identified within the software, it will be displayed with a colored background indicating its current status.

A three-step management of change structure, configured by user level, ensures changes are reviewed and comply with organizational standards.

Risk Analysis

During the development of an asset management policy, organizations may want to assign risk ranking to the equipment level and task associated against a failure mode.

Strategy Optimizer offers a customizable 5x5 risk assessment tool to provide a calculated risk ranking and general risk classification for inherent and residual risks.

Task Analysis Report

Once all failure modes are identified in the review process, tasks are created, modified, deleted, or adjusted and an overall indication of the results are displayed.

The Nexus Global process to manage identified failure modes can reduce corrective and non-value adding work leading to better resource utilization.