VCAT II Intermediate Vibration Analyst

  • Now that you have fundamental understanding on vibration analysis and proper data gathering, it is time to be a successful, confident, and competent vibration analyst.

    In this course, you will learn how to diagnose a wide range of fault conditions, collect the right data with the correct vibration analyzer settings, useful tips and tricks so that you may validate the diagnoses that you make, and most importantly, you will learn shaft alignment and balancing so that you can improve the reliability of the equipment.

    Gain confidence and become certified to ISO 18436-2 Category II via the internationally respected Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC]™. The MIBoC training and certification exam follow ISO 18436-2 and ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard. Be one of the thousands of other Mobius™ certified analysts around the world.

  • Here are some of the topics that will be discussed in this course:

    • Review of Maintenance Practices
    • Review of Condition Monitoring Technologies
    • Principles of vibration; Review of basics, waveform, spectrum (FFT), phase and orbits
    • Understanding signals: modulation, beating, sum/difference
    • Data acquisition
    • Signal processing
    • Vibration spectrum analysis
    • An introduction to time waveform analysis
    • An introduction to orbit analysis
    • Phase Analysis: bubble diagrams and ODS
    • Enveloping (demodulation), shock pulse, and spike energy
    • Fault analysis
    • Equipment testing and diagnostics including impact testing (bump tests) and phase analysis
    • Corrective action
    • Running a successful condition monitoring program
    • Acceptance testing
    • Review of ISO Standards
  • This training includes:

    • Access to Mobius Institute Training Management System Portal
    • Mobius Institute Learning Zone Access for 6 months
    • Certificate of Attendance
  • This course is design for personnel who will be assigned to collect vibration data, validate the quality of data, perform root cause analysis, confirm unbalance, misalignment, looseness, and other conditions.

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