VCAT III Senior Vibration Analyst

  • Once you have gained confidence in spectrum analysis, it's time to level-up your capabilities and learn more about signal processing, time waveform and phase analysis, cross-channel testing, machine dynamics, and fault correction. This course will not only help you advance your capabilities in detecting complex faults but you will also learn how to set up and run a successful vibration program and mentor the junior analysts in your team.

    Gain confidence and become certified to ISO 18436-2 Category III via the internationally respected Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC]™. The MIBoC certification is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard. Be one of the thousands of other Mobius™ certified analysts around the world.

  • Here are some of the topics that will be discussed in this course:

    • Review of Condition Monitoring Technologies and the ISO standards
    • Signal Processing and Data Acquisition
    • Time Waveform Analysis
    • Phase Analysis
    • Dynamics
    • Testing for Natural Frequencies
    • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis
    • Modal Analysis and Intro to FEA
    • Correcting Resonances
    • Rolling Element Bearing Fault Detection
    • Journal Bearing Fault Detection
    • Electric Motor Testing
    • Pumps, Fans, and Compressors
    • Gearbox Fault Detection
    • Corrective Action
    • Running a Successful Condition Monitoring Program
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Review of ISO Standards
  • This training includes:

    • Access to Mobius Institute Training Management System Portal
    • Mobius Institute Learning Zone Access for 6 months
    • Certificate of Attendance
  • This course is recommended for those who already have at least three years of experience in vibration analysis, hold a senior position in the condition monitoring team, perform verification and complex fault detection and analyses, or want to learn how to lead a CBM team successfully.

    • Q: Does Mobius Institute allow other participants and certified personnel by Vibration Institute to take Mobius certification exam?
    • A: Yes. You just have to provide supporting documents for proof of training attendance.
    • Q: How can I secure a seat?
    • A: You just have to complete CRE Registration Form. Contact CRE for more information.
    • Q: How long does the exam last.
    • A: The exam is held on the last day of the training. The examination lasts for 2 hours.
    • Q: What is the passing grade of the certification exam?
    • A: The certification exam has 100 multiple choice questions with a passing grade is 70%.

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