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Vibration Analysis I

Vibration Analysis I

07-23-2024 - 07-25-2024

Unlock the power of vibration analysis with this comprehensive course designed to deepen your understanding of its importance and fundamentals.

Oil Analysis II

Oil Analysis II

08-14-2024 - 08-17-2024
  • Phase 1 ASCENDTM Benchmarking

    Now offering both online and onsite set-up for assessments, ASCENDTM Benchmarking is designed to assess your current lubrication program, compare it against the best practices, and design a roadmap that will guide you to achieving lubrication excellence.

    This phase uses a 500-point assessment survey that measures the current state of your program and ASCENDTM Methodology that provides recommendations for improvements for the 40 key elements of a lubrication program.

    Find out more about Lubrication Program Development and assess if your organization's lubrication program needs improvement.

  • Phase 2 Program Engineering

    In order to eliminate failure, CRE designs, standardizes, and specifies step-by-step procedures for each lubricated asset that will make it easier for any new technicians or personnel to follow and perform. Following an engineered approach in designing your program, this phase aims to deliver a database complete with improvement recommendations, collected data including images, detailed work procedures, consolidated lubricant recommendations, and hardware modification recommendations.

    Find out more about Lubrication Program Development and assess if your organization's lubrication program needs improvement.

The road to reliability excellence.


CRE Philippines was founded to address the need of the Philippine industry of a complete laboratory specializing in oil analysis. As a reliability-centered laboratory, CRE offers diverse programs and solutions that help address your questions such as usability of oil, possible sources of oil contamination, and the condition of your equipment.

CRE has further extended its services to Lubrication Program Development, sampling port installation, lubrication, reliability and maintenance training, sampling kits, and accessories to address our customers' need of sustainability in their predictive machine maintenance program through oil analysis. Our personnel have years of experience in Tribology and underwent various training here and abroad to assure you of our expertise and commitment to excellence.





"Despite our established maintenance program, we still consult CRE to give us expert second opinion."

~A Client from Cement Industry



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