Rotating Asset Performance for Performance and Reliability

  • Rotating Equipment is very critical for the process chain. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to downtime brought on by machinery failure, the unavailability of suitable spare components, and the failure to diagnose the real underlying problem accurately.

    Invest in your team's development - register now in Rotating Asset Strategy for Performance and Reliability. This training is designed for an insight into the rotating equipment reliability program, its implementation, performance factors, efficiency, and uptime. The course is aimed at learning the management of rotating equipment with a proactive strategy.

  • Learn and succeed anytime, anywhere!

    This training program includes the following:

    Pump Performance

    • Pump terminology, design, types, classification & application
    • Pump performance parameters and curves
    • Pump Specification, Heat Discharge, Net Positive Suction Head, Cavitation Issues
    • Maintenance of Pumps
    • Operations of Rotodynamic pumps
    • Operations of PD pumps - Differences in Strategy
    • Pump Standards

    Compressor Strategies For Operations & Maintenance

    • Types, Application, and Terminologies in Compressor
    • Surge & Choke Importance, Performance Curves
    • Mechanical Design of Compressors
    • Maintenance and Monitoring of Compressors

    Seals, Bearings, Compressor Maintenance and Selection Strategies

    • Overview of Dry Gas Seals and Mechanical Seals
    • Overview of Bearing Maintenance and Reliability Strategy
    • Operation and Performance of Turbo Compressors
    • PD compressors
    • Selection of Compressors

    Operation and Maintenance of Turbines

    • Types and Applications of Steam & Gas Turbines
    • Maintenance of Steam Turbines for Reliability
    • Maintenance of Gas Turbines for Reliability

    Condition Monitoring of Rotating Assets, RCA, & Care For Optimum Performance

    • Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery
    • Root Cause Analysis for Machinery Failure
    • Installation and Alignment, Care of Rotating Machinery
    • Best Practices & Developing Reliability Strategies of Pumps & Compressors
    • Preventive & Predictive Care of Rotating Assets
    • Best Practices - Turbines Modern developments in maintenance, inspection & application for reliability
  • This training comes with:

    • Training Manual
  • This training is designed for:

    • Engineers
    • Reliability Specialists
    • Reliability Supervisors
    • Planners
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Production Managers
    • Plant Managers
  • Q: What is the setup of the training?

    A: This training is a public class that requires the attendees to be present virtually.

    Q: Does this training include a certification exam?

    A: No.

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