Center for Reliability Excellence Laboratories Corporation is committed to consistently delivering oil diagnostics, training, and consulting services that meet and exceed customer expectations. We strive to empower industries to achieve UPTIME as our purpose while maintaining the highest level of quality in all aspects of our operations.

To fulfill this commitment, we will:

Uplift – to enhance system reliability and minimize downtime thru process and management improvements.

Profess - to ensure that people have technical expertise and are skilled to provide accurate results and outputs on our services.

Transform – to have a significant change with the goal of improving and evolving our processes, technologies, or strategies to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and reliability.

Inspire – our employees and leaders to be front runners in the field of maintenance and reliability in the Philippines and be energized toward achieving CRE’s goal.

Monitor – by conducting regular assessments, establishing key performance indicators, and participating in crosscheck programs done by international organizations to ensure that we are meeting our quality objectives and customer’s expectations.

Engage – our employees by fostering a culture of quality consciousness and excellence by providing training and development opportunities that will empower them to contribute to our quality objectives.

This quality policy is communicated to all employees, and its effectiveness is regularly reviewed to ensure its continued relevance and alignment with CRE’s goals and quality management standards.



Our Location:

718 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1552

Talk To Us:

T: (02) 8 878 0818
M: +63 917 550 9102 (Globe)
M: +63 999 885 6584 (Smart)

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