CRE's partner, Noria, designed an entire lubrication program that provides a detailed plan that addresses all lubrication-related work processes and procedures from purchasing all the way down to the required re-grease volume for every bearing in the plant. With CRE Philippines’ experience, partnership with Noria, and a focused team of lubrication engineering professionals, it will only take man-weeks or months to design and implement a world-class lubrication program that would normally take you man-years or decades to finish. With our Lubrication Program Development (LPD), we will do the work to deliver you detailed work plans (for training) and summary abridged work plans (for daily execution) so you could focus on what you do best.

We firmly believe that any decision to implement a new lubrication program must yield an acceptable ROI. Let us help you standardize the best practice and the management of change by designing an enterprise-wide lubrication program! Connect with us to help you determine what poor lubrication practices are costing your plant each year and help you implement one single vision for lubrication excellence.

  • Lubrication Program Development Phase 1 ASCENDTM Benchmarking 

    Now offering both online and onsite set-up for assessments, ASCENDTM Benchmarking is designed to assess your current lubrication program, compare it against the best practices, and design a roadmap that will guide you to achieving lubrication excellence. This phase uses a 500-point assessment survey that measures the current state of your program and ASCENDTM Methodology that provides recommendations for improvements for the 40 key elements of a lubrication program.

    Day 1 - Facility walkthrough and stakeholder interviews

    Day 2 - Offsite compiling information and report development

    Day 3 - Report presentation to plant stakeholders and a half-day awareness training on lubrication

    This phase will deliver:

    • Executive Summary
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Overall Compliance Level
    • Lubrication Program Manager (LubePMTM) Access
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • Assessment of 40 Elements which include:
      • Current Maturity Grade
      • Current Best Practices
      • Improvement Recommendations
      • Metrics and KPI Recommendations
      • Periodic Review and Audit Recommendations
      • Priority Next Steps 

    cre ascend chart


    LubePMTM Assessment Tools

    cre noria lubepm 

    LubePMTM is a lubrication program manager that provides you your score overview, simulation for plant initiatives, and also serves as a Corporate Assessment Manager. In the second phase of Lubrication Program Development, you will be able to access detailed lubrication procedures in LubePMTM. Taking the work out of work management so you can focus on what you do best, LubePMTM automatically creates tasks that are specified to each lubricated asset.


    cre ascend lubepm  

  • Lubrication Program Development Phase 2 Program Engineering

    In order to eliminate failure, CRE designs, standardizes, and specifies step-by-step procedures for each lubricated asset that will make it easier for any new technicians or personnel to follow and perform. Following an engineered approach in designing your program, this phase aims to deliver a database complete with improvement recommendations, collected data including images, detailed work procedures, consolidated lubricant recommendations, and hardware modification recommendations.

    Route Optimization

    In LPD Phase 2, we will engineer a more efficient and effective approach to help you save on time so that your team can focus more on doing strategic tasks. Wrench time, inspections, lubrication, and oil sampling tasks will all be streamlined for a more optimized process and maximized uptime.