CRE's partner, Noria, designed an entire lubrication program which provides a detailed plan that addresses all lubrication - related work processes and procedures from purchasing all the way down to the required re-grease volume for every bearing in the plant. With CRE Philippines’ experience, partnership with Noria, and focused team of lubrication engineering professionals, it will only take man-weeks or months to design and implement a world - class lubrication program that would normally take you man-years or decades to finish. With our Lubrication Development Program, we will do the work to deliver you detailed work plans (for training) and summary abridged work plans (for daily execution) so you could focus on what you do best.

We firmly believe that any decision to implement a new lubrication program must yield an acceptable ROI. Let us help you standardize the best practice and the management of change by designing an enterprise wide lubrication program. Connect with us to help you determine what poor lubrication practices are costing your plant each year and help you implement one single vision for lubrication excellence.

cre lubrication program development