MLT I/MLA I Machinery Lubrication Training

  • If you do not know that what you are doing is wrong in lubrication, you may be doing more harm than good. Lubrication must be done right by choosing the right lubricant applied at the right time, right place, and right quantity. Learn the very best practices for applying, managing, and implementing lubrication in your facility from Noria's resource speaker in the Philippines.

    The outline of this training is in accordance with ISO 18436-4. Become empowered to trust your own decision. Complete this training and be an ICML certified Machine Lubricant Analyst Level I.

  • Learn and succeed anytime, anywhere!

    This training will teach you about all the aspects of lubrication so you won't have to second-guess every action you take. Learn and be empowered to trust your own decision. Here are some of the topics included in this training:

    • How Lubrication Affects Machine Reliability
    • Additives, Base Oils and Grease Thickeners
    • Lubricant Performance Properties
    • Grease Application Methods
    • Oil Application Methods
    • Journal Bearing Lubricants
    • Rolling-element Bearing Lubricants
    • Gear Lubricants
    • Automotive and Mobile Equipment Drive-line Lubricants
    • Compressor Lubricants
    • Steam and Gas Turbine Lubricants
    • Hydraulic Fluids
    • Contamination Control
    • Oil Drains, Flushing and Reservoir Management
    • Storing, Handling, and Managing Lubricants
    • Design and Inspect for Lube Excellence
    • Lubricant Failure
    • Used Oil Sampling and Analysis Fundamentals
    • Essential Field Inspections
  • Choose from any of the purchase options and avail their great features and inclusions:

  • This training is designed for:

    • All Maintenance Professionals
    • Lubrication Technicians
    • Craftsmen or Millwright
    • Equipment Operators
    • Laboratory Analysts
    • Lubrication Engineers
    • Maintenance Managers
    • Maintenance Supervisors
    • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers
    • Operations Managers
    • Q: How much time am I given to complete the exam?
    • A: You are given three hours to complete the exam. Due to the pandemic crisis, we now offer online exam.
    • Q: What is the passing grade?
    • A: The exam is a 100-multiple choice exam. The passing grade is 70%.

Infrared Thermography I

Infrared Thermography I

06-18-2024 - 06-22-2024
Machinery Lubrication I

Machinery Lubrication I

07-10-2024 - 07-13-2024
Vibration Analysis I

Vibration Analysis I

07-23-2024 - 07-25-2024

Unlock the power of vibration analysis with this comprehensive course designed to deepen your understanding of its importance and fundamentals.

Oil Analysis II

Oil Analysis II

08-14-2024 - 08-17-2024

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