Piping Design Construction & Mechanical Integrity

  • When doing maintenance, repairs, and modifications, piping defect issues may arise. Be prepared to conduct an inspection of piping and pipeline systems in accordance with API 570 body of knowledge.

    This course ensures that plant operators, maintenance, project staffs, and inspectors are competent and knowledgeable in design piping systems as per ASME B31.3/31.4/31.8 design standards.

  • Learn and succeed anytime, anywhere!

    This training program will help engineers understand the common issues in piping and pipeline systems, learn how to use proper inspection methods such as NDT, and master the proper monitoring and inspection processes. Here are some of the topics included in this 5-day training program:

    • The Basics of Pipes
    • Pipe Pressure Classes
    • Introduction to Pipe Fittings
    • Pipe Codes and Standards
    • Basics of Stresses, Strain, Design Stress, Safety Factors for Piping Design
    • Piping Terminologies
    • Overview API 574, Pipe Joining Methods
    • Calculation of Minimum Required Thickness using Barlow Method
    • Overview of API 570 Standard and Application
    • Introduction to RBI and its relation to API 570 code
    • Pressure Testing of Piping Systems
    • Determination of Corrosion Rates and Application for Inspection Intervals
    • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Calculation
    • The Basics of Pipe Stress Analysis
    • Design of Piping and Piping Systems as per ASME B31.3
    • Understanding Fluid Service Requirements
    • Introduction to Non-metallic Piping
    • High Pressure Piping Systems
    • Material Verification Program, API 578
    • Welding Metallurgy, Quality & Defect Assessment - API 577, and ASME Section
    • ASME B16.5 Code Application in Piping Systems
    • Damage Mechanisms and API 571 RP
    • Non-Destructive Examination and ASME Section V Overview
    • Modern Trends in Piping Engineering
  • Inclusions

    • Training Manual

    This 5-day training does not include certification exams. Interested participants may register with API and take the exam through API's authorized pro-metric centers. Candidiates are encouraged to check API's website. See Faqs for more details.

  • Know the practical aspects of design considerations, sizing, rating, piping, and pipeline integrity. This training program is designed to prepare:

    • Plant Operators
    • Pipeline Engineers
    • Quality Control Personnel
    • Technical Supervisors
    • Maintenance Personnel
    • Project Management Staff
    • Inspectors
    • Q: Does this training have a certification exam?
    • A: The certification exam is not included in this training program. However, those who are interested to take the certification exam are welcome to register at American Petroleum Institute.
    • Q: How long is the certification valid?
    • A: API 570 certification has a 3-year term validity.
    • Q: How long is the duration of API 570 exam?
    • A: The API 570 exam requires 7.5 hours to complete 170 questions, of which 140 are scored while the remaining are 30 items are pre-test questions.
    • Q: Where should I go to know more about the certification exam?
    • A: Visit API website regarding the Individual Certification Program (ICP).

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