One lubrication metric was shown to be particularly useful in uncovering hidden lubricant- and equipment-related concerns.

Industrial machinery is used in a variety of settings. Hot, chilly, damp, dry, dusty, and/or with fluctuating loads are all possibilities.

The method of translating infrared radiation to temperature and producing an image of the temperature distribution is known as infrared thermography. Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring are just a few of the sectors and applications where it's applied to monitor the condition of machines, examine moisture, energy-loss, electrical systems, and fluid systems.

To get a good return on investment(ROI), you need to learn how to choose the right machine to include in your oil analysis program. Including all lubricated or hydraulic systems and components in the program is rarely cost-effective. Machine selection for an oil analysis program may be done in a variety of ways.

It pays to have a used oil analysis performed on a regular basis by a qualified laboratory, whether you operate heavy-duty on- or off-road vehicles or a piece of fixed industrial equipment.