Lubricant Blending & Quality Assurance

  • This training will provide an in-depth understanding of the principles, economics, flexibility of lubricant blending plants, and ways to operate a lubricant blending plant efficiently and economically. In addition, the latest developments and trends in lubricant blending, the advantages and disadvantages of lubricant blending equipment, facilities, and operations will also be discussed. It will also clarify the importance of lubricant product filling, packaging and warehouse storage, strategies for optimising existing lubricant blending plant facilities and how to avoid or minimise problems with lubricant blending and product quality.

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    Learn product compatibilities & techniques to avoid or minimise problems with lubricant blending and product quality, as well as, the QA aspects in lubricant product filling, packaging and warehousing. This training includes:

    • Mineral-based Oils Properties and Characteristics
    • Synthetic-based Oils Properties and Characteristics
    • Additive Properties and Characteristics
    • Lubricant Formulation and Ease of Blending
    • Blending Plant Design, Grass Root Plants, Maintenance and Upgrading Existing Plants
    • Blending Plant Equipment Facilities and Operation
    • Lubricant Blending Issues and Solutions
    • Testing and Analysis of Base Oils and Additives
    • Testing and Analysis of Blending Lubricants
    • Quality Control
    • Packaging and Filling
    • Lubricant Storage
    • Product Quality Management
    • Insights on Grease
  • Get the chance to sit down in a session of panel discussion for the issues faced by Blending / QA professionals.

  • This training is designed for:

    • Lubricant Formulators
    • Lube Quality Assurance Professionals
    • Lubricant Specialist
    • Blending Plant Managers
    • Blending Equipment and Packaging Manufacturers
    • Entrepreneurs

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