OA report Interpretation Workshop

  • Do you already have an existing Oil Analysis Program? Are you still having a hard time working through your oil analysis report and feel like there are so many things you have yet to master? Worry no more! CRE Philippines now offers Oil Analysis Report Interpretation Workshop Live Online on November 24-26, 2021.

    Detect Underlying Machine Issues Early

    Having to check the right parameters for issues that signal early machine trouble is critical in preventing machine failures. When done right, you get to save resources while not having to lose sleep over an unscheduled shutdown.

    Accurate Data Interpretation, Accurate Recommendation

    You may have done everything right for oil sampling and oil testing, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to accurate data interpretation. This course will teach you the systematic way of approaching oil analysis report interpretation. Learn the best time and way to install corrective actions.

    Earn you Return on Investment

    Like any other CBM tool, oil analysis requires investment. Companies spend money for third–party laboratories to conduct oil analysis. However, some plant personnel who receive these reports do not have a firm grasp on how to conduct interpretation. It's the job of third-party laboratories to provide you with actionable recommendations but it is still an added edge to have extensive knowledge and a greater appreciation of the work being done right.
  • Learn and succeed anytime, anywhere!

    This training program covers the following topics:

    • Identify possible lubricant failure using data trending
    • Identify machine wear and failure modes
    • Determine when to conduct oil sweetening or complete oil change
    • Determine additive depletion
    • Determine wear location, mechanism, and degree of severity using elemental analysis
    • Choose the right oil test slate for more meaningful data
    • Determine the optimal lubricant condition and actions to ensure optimum lubricant performance
    • Identify the extent of impact of environmental conditions to lubricant and machine
    • Learn the systematic approach to data interpretation
    • Determine the presence of noises and errors caused by wrong oil sampling
    • Determine the quality of a third-party laboratory based on key standard parameters
    • Integrate field test results and lab-grade results
    • Determine the state of oil, contamination, and machine conditions.
  • When you undergo this training, you will have access to:
    • Training Manual
    • CRE Learning Management System Access for 6 months
    • Live Online training
  • If you want to unlock the power of your oil analysis report and generate useful and relevant information to come up with informed decisions, Oil Analysis Report Interpretation Workshop is the right choice for you. Personnel with the following job titles are encouraged to attend:
    • Machinery Lubricant Analysts
    • Lubrication Program Managers
    • Lubricant Lab Personnel
    • Reliability Engineers
    • Predictive Maintenance Specialists
    • CBM Engineers
    • Reliability or Maintenance Managers
  • Q: Does this training have a certification exam?

    A: No, however, this training includes extensive exercises and case studies to help instill new learnings and techniques.

    Q: Do I need to have an engineering degree?

    A: No engineering degree is required, however, attendees need to already have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of machinery lubrication and oil analysis.

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